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We launch online stores of increased complexity, including loyalty systems, integrations with delivery services and order accounting systems.
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We specialize in developing online stores of increased complexity.

We develop online stores of any subject and complexity. Subjects that we often work with include medicine, car business, household goods, clothing, and furniture with the number of goods from several items to 30-50 thousand.  

  • A large number of goods;
  • Integration with 1c, moysklad and other accounting and warehouse accounting systems;
  • Cdek integration and other delivery systems;
  • Loyalty systems;
  • Online payment systems;
  • Integration with crm bitrix-24 and other order management systems.
Stages of website development in our studio
We receive a request from you.

A request for us is a call, a request from a website, a skype or messenger conversation, or an email. Our goal is to find out as many details about the project as possible to make an assessment and inform you of the price. We can ask you to fill out a brief description. For more complex projects, we need a detailed technical specification for the website and website prototypes, for which we make an assessment.

We agree on the price.

We prepare and sign the documents: the contract and the technical specification for the website (if you do not have a technical specification). Prepayment of 40%*

* other payment options are available, such as the possibility to pay in instalments.

We create design layouts.

We start drawing the design from the main page by coordinating it with you. Then, we render all internal pages and perform coordination of layouts. The last stage is rendering all pages for mobile screens, after which there is another coordination. All pages are checked by our seo specialist before being sent for approval. After agreeing on all the design layouts, the second stage of payment is underway – 30%*.

We impose all the pages of the website.

At this stage, layout designers and website designers work together. The result of this stage is an archive with files where all design layouts are transferred into html format. If necessary, we can send such an archive to the client.

We program the functionality.

At this stage, layout designers and programmers work together. The website is connected to the website management system. The result of this stage is the appearance of a connected website on the test domain for testing.

We test the website.

At this stage, the entire development team and the tester work together. After testing the entire website and filling up minimal content, the website is presented to the client, and the third final stage of payment is carried out – 30%*.

We get ready for launch.

At this stage, the project manager and the client are actively involved. The website is filled by the client, under the guidance of our manager, or by the studio. The result of this stage is a fully filled website on the test domain, which is ready to be launched.

We launch the website.

At this moment, the website becomes available on your domain.

What should be known about additional functionality, depending on the number of products in the online store?

A small number of products

  • Do we need to make a shopping cart, or is there a clearance of the goods right away? For example, in a store that sells ready-made country houses, no one will make a purchase for 10 items at once, so such a store does not need a cart.
  • Do i need an online payment system? 

A store for a couple of hundred items

  • Do we need to download the price list automatically (for example, via .xls file), or should the products on the website be updated manually?
  • Do we need to integrate a ready-made delivery system (for example, cdek), or should we make a personal delivery calculation functionality?

Large stores with items starting from 1000

  • Separate accounts for managers who are engaged in the design of goods by adding pictures, descriptions and characteristics.
  • Integration with 1c, so that orders are immediately sent to the accounting department.
What online store management systems do you use?

We offer several management systems for stores: 

  • Opencart is a universal management system created specifically for websites with catalogs and an order system. We use this system most often because it is easy to manage, free and allows you to implement almost any necessary functionality.
  • Bitrix – we use this system less often, as it is paid and more difficult to manage. Moreover, more time is spent on preparation and development.
  • Yii2 and laravel frameworks – we use these systems in cases where standard solutions are not suitable. For example, when we need a unique ordering system, a unique payment system, delivery, and so on.
What are the advantages of your online stores?
  • We focus on the user-friendliness - and usability. It has long been proven that the convenience indicator directly affects conversion (the number of orders from the number of visitors).
  • We focus on the mobile version of the website – we create a separate design for mobile devices. The percentage of users who bought via phone in 2020 reached 70 for some categories of goods. 
  • We pay maximum attention to the seo promotion of the website. All the elements important for promotion are included in the development process so that the client does not have to contact the studio for further improvements, and it happens very often (about 50% of studios do not take this into account when developing). We provide seo services ourselves.
  • We develop the website in a way that the management of goods and other content takes a minimum of time.
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