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We show the strengths of your product to help the user make a purchase decision.
Connection to cms modx is possible. The launch period is 10-15 working days.
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You need a landing page
  • You want to test the popularity of a good or service in a short period;
  • You have one service or good that you need to focus on as much as possible;
  • You have a small number of goods that you want to sell on short notice;
  • You don't need seo promotion, but you want to promote goods through contextual advertising and targeting;
  • It is necessary to bring a new service to the market and present it in a positive light;
  • You already have traffic on the website, but you want to increase page conversion.
A landing page with a unique design, a template or a website builder?

If you are not ready to pay for a unique design, you have 2 ways: buy a unique template or use a website builder. The advantages of these options are the low price and minimum launch speed.

Disadvantages of these methods: 

  • The template design is not unique and can be found on other websites;
  • It is difficult to edit a template landing page on your own without basic html knowledge;
  • The free part of a website builder is most often low in functionality, and they ask for a monthly payment for more features;
  • It often takes a long time to create a landing page on a website builder;
  • A website created using a website builder or a purchased template may turn out to be extremely inefficient which will cause losses in an advertising campaign.
  • As a result, these methods are suitable only for the most limited budget and having basic knowledge of design and html.
The landing page development process.
Analyze competitors

We reveal real competitors in google and yandex, examine their websites, including the main landing page

Explore the target audience

We determine the circle of people with the needs your good satisfies

Prepare content

We prepare content that is optimized for search engines and the real interests of your target audience

Create a design
We create a design that leads a user to the landing page's target action
Impose and test

We impose an adaptive layout according to the bem methodology. We test and eliminate errors


We set up ssl, link the website to the analytics system, link it to the desired crm and transfer the landing page to the main website or to a subdomain

Perform seo optimization

We set up the work of your sales department in case of problems connected with processing incoming requests from the website

What is the cost of turnkey landing page development?
We develop unique and selling landing pages priced from 2500 byn (~$800) for 6 screens. Texts are not included in the development cost.
What is the time of turnkey landing page development?

The average development time for a single-page website is 2-4 weeks.

What is need to be prepared before contacting the studio?

Briefly: technical specification, texts and images.

First of all, you need to create a brief technical specification for the landing page. Alternatively, you can throw blocks in a convenient form in word or in another convenient way to schematically show your ideas about the information that needs to be shown. Also, you may just tell us about a good in detail, and we will assemble the structure ourselves.

It is also important to prepare all the texts for the blocks described in the technical specification since this is the starting point of a good landing page – to distribute the information so that it is convenient to read, emphasizing all the important details of a good or service. We advise you to prepare the texts yourself because no one knows your good or service and the terms of their sale better than you. For our part, we can help bring this text to its final form. A copywriting service is also available. 

The images must be of good quality and reflect all the important qualities and advantages of a good/service.

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